Marine Environmental Data and Information Network

Working together to improve access to and stewardship of marine data

MEDIN is a partnership of UK organisations committed to improving access to UK marine data.

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MEDIN is open to all with an interest in marine data and information. We are sponsored by a consortium of 15 sponsors and partnered with over 50 organisations. MEDIN Sponsors include a range of UK marine organisations who support MEDIN’s principles and lead the UK in marine data management. To officially join the network and become a MEDIN Sponsor, please email MEDIN stating your interest at Our partners represent government departments and agencies, research organisations and private companies and have committed to practise good data management to help future-proof and secure UK’s valuable marine data. MEDIN reports to the Marine Science Coordination Committee.


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The MEDIN portal contains information about 15,000 marine datasets.

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UKDMOS is the United Kingdom Directory of Marine Observing Systems.


MEDIN marine data management

A short animation showing the importance of marine data management and the benefits of the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN).




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Submit Data

MEDIN deliver data through a network of accredited Data Archive Centres (DACs). Find out how to submit data.

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Data Standards

Standards make it easy to find and re-use data. Find out about MEDIN's discovery metadata standard and data guidelines. 

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Marine Information

MEDIN are sharing knowledge and understanding by providing links to other marine data initiatives and resources.

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MEDIN Workshops

MEDIN holds workshops throughout the year to improve the uptake, knowledge and use of MEDIN Data.

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