How to submit metadata

The first step is to create your metadata, and the next step is to validate the metadata. Finally, the metadata records are published.

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MEDIN provides two tools to help you create metadata that complies with the metadata standard.

MEDIN Discovery Metadata Editor

The Discovery Metadata Editor is an online tool to create, export and validate an XML metadata record, or to upload directly to the MEDIN Data Discovery Portal. The Editor is suitable for generating metadata for a small number of data sets.

A list of Editor error message explanations is provided.

Discovery Metadata Editor

Metadata Maestro

Metadata Maestro allows users to create, edit, validate and transform discovery metadata records to MEDIN, GEMINI and ISO standards.

Metadata Maestro operates in desktop standalone mode as well as using a web service to access required vocabularies when an internet connection is available.

By downloading the Metadata Maestro tool, you agree to the licence conditions for this application, which specify that your contact details will be passed to the application developers, HR Wallingford.

Download Metadata Maestro and installation instructions below, and see the online tool errors explained.

Use the MEDIN Discovery Metadata Editor and Metadata Maestro to ensure your metadata complies with our standards, so that it is valid.

Multiple records can be transferred to the portal from Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) and Web Accessible Folders (WAF) using the MEDIN harvester.

Please get in touch to set this up for your metadata records.

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Once created, metadata records are published to the MEDIN portal where they can then be discovered online.

Individual records can be uploaded to the portal using the online tool. Multiple records can be transferred to the portal via a central record harvester from an Open Archive Initiative folder. Harvesting is also possible by CSW and in the near future WAF.

Metadata records in the portal can be sent to the UK Government portal if the metadata provider requests us to do this. From, relevant records will also be sent to the European wide INSPIRE Geoportal.

Please report any problems with getting started by calling +44(0) 1752 426237 or sending email to the helpdesk.